WirbelWind trophy European 2024

Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic & Slovenia

After great start of 2023 WirbelWind Cup, this year WirbelWind Trophy will expand to new countries and new events. Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia will host 5 conpetitions in USDDN format, starting in may 2024 and finish in July 2024.

Main sponsor of WirbelWind trophy European 2024 is disc manufacturer from germany Wirbelwind. All conpetitions will be played based on USDDN rules in Super Open and Super Pro Toss & Fetch.  More info will follow!

Slovenian event, included in WirbelWind Trophy European is Slovenian WirbelWind Disc Dog Cup '24, a USDDN qualifier that will take place in Maribor on June 22nd-23rd 2024.

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